Sunday, October 1, 2006

The Biggest Party in the World!

Silvester In Berlin

Several of my friends have been asking about Berlin and partying. Well, I have to say the best evidence is what they do on New Year's Eve here in Berlin.

In Berlin, a million revelers gather on New Year's Eve for the biggest party on the continent, if not in the world. The bash stretches nearly 1.25 miles. The all-night affair includes food stands, live acts, an open-air disco and a giant fireworks show. Admission is free.

Now, just like Time magazine needs to tell you who it is owned by when giving a great review... I have to tell you that I work for the company that organizes this event. But last year I wasn't working for this place and I have to say I completely loved it.

We started at one end and walked among close to a million people, all of them intent on partying. The thing that took me the longest to get over was the "tent discos". So about every 1000 yards there is a huge tent with an incredible light show and from it you can hear pounding music. Sometimes that music is a disco standard, or maybe it is one of the 1000's of songs that Germans love to sing together to as a group. Either way it was an experience to pop in for a song or two, enjoy the ambiance, maybe pick up another drink at the bar, then move on to the next party tent.

Where else but Berlin can you have this kind of entertainment for free?

Silvester in Berlin - The biggest party in the world!!

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