Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Texas Lightning

Last night we went to see Texas Lightning! They competed in the Eurovision Contest 2006 for Germany. The band is this country throwback complete with the old-style country costumes. Most of what they do is covers of other people's songs. They do songs like "Highway to Hell", and "Like a Virgin", "Walk on the Wild Side", and you can't miss "Dancin' Queen". It's a riot! They put this funky hillbilly beat behind it and make it into a whole new song.
Click here to check out a vid snippit of Highway to Hell.
Click here for a little Like a Virgin video Action.
Click here to check out their website and hear more!
Some pics from the night

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blogbubu said...

I am a German living in New Zealand. I cannot get the Album of TL called "Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...". Is there a chance that you could hook me up to a download?