Thursday, October 12, 2006

Foley is yanked out of the closet

I am so sick of hearing about Representative Foley and his stupid back room fumblings and dirty e-mails to young men. The same people who are saying that Foley is just one man and is not representative of the Republican Party have spent 7 years bashing Clinton's sexual misconduct. Similarly, Democrats have insisted that Clinton's misdeeds are not representative of their Party. Both sides are correct, neither Party should be stigmatized by sexual misconduct of a few members.

This is just a bunch of political wrangling. The secret was ..brought out.. shortly before Election Day to get the maximum amount of ..bang.. for the buck.

What is funny to me is that once again here is a man that felt stigmatized by society and was not comfortable with exploring his sexuality in a normal, healthy way. So he goes about it in all of the wrong ways and finds totally inappropriate venues for his urges.

What would happen if people were just allowed to be who they are, express themselves the way they want? Maybe if they didn't feel ashamed of their feelings they wouldn't end up turning on children?

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