Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dinner For One - Same Procedure As Every Year

Thinking about the American tradition "A Christmas Story" yesterday made me think about a German tradition around the holidays - that is to watch "Dinner for One" on New Year's Eve.
The story itself could be a bit from the Carol Burnett show (OMG, I'm dating myself I think). It is rather simple, a woman is turning 90 but still wants to celebrate her birthday with her friends... unfortunately they have died at least 25 years before. So she has her butler stand in for all of the friends every year.
James: The same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?
Miss Sophie: The same procedure as every year, James!
She chooses what kind of alcohol will go with each course, and the butler gets to drink for all of the guests - wonder why he never eats for all of the guests? hmmm.
Anyway it is a cute little movie, and definitely worth the 10 minutes.
Hey James, watch out for the tiger!

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