Monday, November 20, 2006

OJ Simpson -- What is This Guy Thinking?

Short News Story

What is he up to?
IF this guy had a conscience, he would be ashamed.

OJ has written a new book. In this book he walks though the way the murders would have to have been committed. He stops short of confessing... but come on, we all know he's guilty... he knows he's guilty...
My question is WHY?
Actually I may be able to answer my own question. He's a publicity hound. He's wanting to be back in the spotlight again... back to his old Heisman Trophy days. Of course he knows they can't try him again. Of course he will be hiding very carefully any money made from the book. But I really think it's disgusting.

In an unexpected turn of events... it seems I actually agree with Geraldo on something. The company that is publishing the book is also the company that owns the FOX Network. So FOX has been pushing the heck out of the book, including the opening "exclusive" two part interview with the wife-killer. Well Geraldo, who of course is a special reporter for the FOX network let it all hang out and basically said that it is simply disgusting what OJ is doing... way to go against the establishment G-man!

Doesn't OJ know that all of this hype will deflect attention from him getting help finding the real killers?... not
November 20th
OK, so FOX is killing the "exclusive interview" and the parent company is evidently going to stop the release of the book!
Finally, someone is thinking. Rupert Murdoch even came out with a "We're sorry to the families of the victims..." Good boy! I guess the old bastard isn't just driven by the caa-ching of the money machine... maybe he actually has a heart... NOT.. again. Ladies and gentlemen I would BET MONEY that the advertizers started to pull out like mad... so in the end it WAS money that made them back off from what was a bad decision to begin with. Oh well... it was a nice thought.
I'm just happy that OJ won't get his stage to relive his glory days.

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