Thursday, December 7, 2006

Christmas Story House Sold

The home where Ralphie pined away for a BB gun, and Dan proudly displayed the lamp in the shape of a woman's leg was sold on eBay for $150,000 to a young husband who loved the movie "A Christmas Story", and jumped on the chance to get the gutted out home. He bought the house sight unseen, and without consulting his wife, a Navy officer stationed in San Diego, quite aways from the home in Cleveland. He spent another $200,000 restoring the home to the way it looked in the movie. Now here is where the guy is genius. He purchased a house across the street, and opened a gift shop, and sure enough, the home has become a tourist attraction. The gift shop sells thousands of the leg lamps for Christmas, along with some other items featured in the movie. The guy who played Ralphie's brother, he with the snowsuit that would now allow him freedom of movement for his limbs, even stopped by to donate that snowsuit for the house.
- Reprinted from the Wichita Newsbrief

A piece of American history!
I'm sure this guy's wife was about as excited about his genius idea as Ralphie's Mom was about her husband's "valuable prize" lamp. But really, he's come up with a novel way to make money, it is the American dream.

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