Friday, January 26, 2007

Blog Disease

"It's Catching: BLOG DISEASE".

Jan 26 at 3:48 am by Lorelle VanFossen - Clare Panton reports she has "Blog Disease", a virus spreading across the globe:

This disease is caused by the descent into madness caused by blogging. The symptoms of this disease should be monitored closely and are as follows:

1. You are excited when anyone visits your blog.
2. You visit random blogs hoping to get tips on how to make the blog more interesting to just about anyone.
3. You are excited when your blog visits enter double digits/day.
4. You are excited when people you don't know visit your blog.
5. You are excited when your monthly traffic hits triple digits after only 2 months and grows each month.
6. You are excited when someone leaves a comment on your blog.
7. You are sooooo excited you giggle when someone else's blog links to your blog.
8. You are soooooooo excited you dance around the kitchen when someone else's blog (that you don't even know) links to your blog in their text and even thanks you for leaving a comment…

If you have been experiencing the same symptoms, you now have a name for it. It is the ubiquitous "Blog Disease".

Should I start a support group for those suffering with Blog Disease? What about a telethon? Or blogathon? Wanna help raise money for all of us blog sufferers?

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