Thursday, April 12, 2007

Man I Miss Heavy Pork

This is kind of a "best of" video from Heavy Pork – The Video Show.

I used to work with these guys at the radio station in Kansas, Mark Good and Brent the Mule. Any time either one of them was around, life was gonna get crazy.

The video show plays heavy metal videos, but what I watched for was what came in between the videos. They would interview people, do crazy stunts, just generally have a great time… and Rhodie would film it all.

They've won a bunch of awards as you will see in the beginning, and last I heard, they were being syndicated

Most of this stuff is filmed in and around Wichita, Kansas… and much of it is just pure craziness.

Man I miss the Pork.

Check out Heavy Pork on MySpace.

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