Sunday, August 27, 2006

I think I could get depressed here...

I think I could get depressed in this city. My American optimism flies in the face of oppressive German pessimism. It is my way to find the good in almost everything, especially bad situations. But the Germans just seem to see the bad in everything, even good situations. Complaints are the normal way in this world.

Of course it is probably the "big city" way of life, but I would like someone passing me on the sidewalk to look me in the eye. As it is now, if they look at me and see me looking back, their eyes are quickly averted. This happens even in our neighborhood. Man!

In a way I guess this is my way of missing middle America; the land of the simple pleasantries. In Wichita you could pass a person on the street and expect to get at least a grunt of acknowledgment. Many times you got a smile in return if you offered one. The best part is while driving on a country lane (and by this I mean dirt road) and meeting another car (especially another truck). Very subtly the other driver would raise two fingers from the steering wheel to give you the "yup, you are driving on the same road" wave. Is that cool or what?

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