Sunday, July 9, 2006

Thoughts on the Germans Around Me

When I think of the German society I tend to envision some kind of orderly, controlled group of people and generally I'm right. Think of it, these are the people that will stand at a crosswalk for as long as it takes the light to turn green, no matter that there isn't a car moving as far as the eye can see!

But all of this orderliness and decorum evaporates when the doors to any mode of public transportation swing open. If you are waiting for the bus you will find yourself elbowed out of the way and standing on the street as it leaves again if you aren't careful.

Getting onto the subway makes me wish I were outfitted like an American football player... I need padding! It all starts out OK. Everyone lines up to the sides of the doors so the people trying to get off can step out... then watch out! The fight is on and the elbows come out!

Little old ladies are the worst. As the train pulled up they started eyeing an empty seat and you are between her and where she wants to plant her ass for the next 5 stops. If they are holding anything it is often used as a weapon... watch out for the little old lady wielding an umbrella on a day when no rain is expected... she is planning on using it in a totally different way.

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