Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dick Cheney on Why the U.S. Should NOT Invade Iraq

Wow! Can you believe this?
In this video we get to see Dick Cheney telling a reporter in 1994 WHY we should not invade Iraq. I just keep wondering WHAT changed so much about the possibilities for quagmire between the Gulf War and 2003? It must have been that nasty Saddam and his boys and how they single-handedly blew up those towers in NYC. (HA HA)

Who would have thought it?
I had always assumed that our VP was the guy that wanted to invade, but to see this... it seems that they had many reasons for not invading... that they KNEW it wouldn't be a good thing.

But then, I suppose that having to explain yourself for years after NOT going the whole way in the Gulf War (note the date of the video... this could have easily been one of those explanations) might have easily made getting Saddam become a HUGE priority when the opportunity arose.

How many American and Iraqi casualties is it worth to us now?

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