Friday, August 17, 2007

On Getting Ready for Free Time

I would like to lodge a complaint, although I don't know who would be the appropriate person to send it to. N. and I are all excited because on Saturday we are getting on a plane headed for Greece for a short, one-week holiday. Can you say "scuba diving anyone"?

The complaint part is that you work like a fiend to get EVERYTHING done at the job and EVERYTHING done at home before your big relaxing time... THEN when you come home you work like a fiend trying to catch up with EVERYTHING you missed.

At work it seems there is never a good time to take off because there are always proposals going out or something. This time I am leaving right in the middle of the ramp up to a proposal deadline. I just know that I will come back and spend the first three days crunching to get that proposal out on time.

The house is a slightly different although similar story. You must pack and clean before going, then when you come home you must clean everything that went as well as the house again.

It just sucks.

Don't get me wrong though... I'm REALLY looking forward to getting away!

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