Sunday, September 23, 2007

San Diego Mayor Sanders Supports Gay Marriage

I am so proud of this man who is going against his party line to support equality and justice to the historically "less important" gays and lesbians. I defy anyone to watch this man and not understand the profound emotions that he is wrestling with.

It is so sickening to me watching the American Vice President, Dick Cheney follow the Republican line and repeatedly speak out against gay marriage knowing full well that his daughter is a lesbian, and that he supports her relationship... yet feels that the rest of American gays and lesbians should continue to be treated as second class citizens.

Here's to you, Mayor Sanders! This may be the kiss of death for Mayor Sanders' political career of course, but in the face of that knowledge he shows incredible courage to go against his party line. If it matters to you at all, a lesbian forced to leave America to marry her true love cried this morning while watching your emotionally charged speech.

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Carol said...

Good for him! I haven't been impressed by a politician in YEARS. Thanks for changing that!