Monday, October 22, 2007

An Enjoyable Weekend

Well it was another lovely weekend in Berlin. This time with no travel or major events, it was a nice change of pace.

Saturday morning we got up fairly early and had a nice jog/bike ride... she jogs, I ride along beside her for about five kilometers for company, then she goes home and I spin around for about an hour. Although it is a bit cold at this time of the year, I really have to say that I enjoy the sound of leaves crunching under bicycle tires.

That evening I had a lovely visit with Adam (aka "That Queer Expatriate") who came up to Berlin for part of the weekend. We had some decent sushi and nice conversation at Papa No's near SO36, then found a quiet (and unbelievably not smoky - probably because no one else was there) hole in the wall for a drink before saying a quick goodbye on the bus as I headed home and he to his hotel. Nice to meet you Adam, come on by anytime!

Sunday was a fun day... we stayed in as the weather took a turn for the cold. Sometimes there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting around the house all wrapped up and warm either reading a good book or watching a good movie. This Sunday our DVD player was showing a new purchase, "The Pianist" which is simply a well-put-together film about a sad and horrible story. On the flip side my other option was "Mommie Dearest", which is pretty much a horrible film about another sad story... but the campiness is too fun to ignore, and I really wanted to have it for the collection. Of course "Mommie" is famous for spawning the all too famous, "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS" rant.

I suppose that fall really has really arrived. All the signs are there... the air coming up from the U-Bahn is warmer than the air on the street... the leaves are covering the sidewalks, camouflaging the dog bombs... and the morning commute is extended three minutes due to the added necessity of scraping the car windows.

Even though the daylight grows shorter, I like the placement of the sun much better throughout the day. When it lies deeper in the southern sky it manages to peek into the office windows much more frequently giving me a chance to enjoy its warmth for a few moments before the clouds overtake it yet again.

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tqe / adam said...

It was great meeting you-- I hope we can meet for dinner again, the next time I am in Berlin.

Which as far as I can tell, cannot be before January. :-)