Friday, November 16, 2007

Bad Timing

A kink has been thrown into my preparations for travel to the States for Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going come hell or high water, but it is looking more and more like an insurmountable task.

The plane leaves on Saturday, and here is the list of things which I must do before the wheels can leave the ground.
  • Pack - this wouldn't be so bad, except lots of what I have to pack is still in the dirty laundry or has already been packed away in the summer clothes... who even thought about this trip to Arizona while we were putting away the shorts/t-shirts/sandals?
  • Work - yup my boss is a good woman, but likes to wait until the last moment and this means that she's waited until this past week to pile tons of work on me.
  • The LIST - there are about 15 things which I plan on "self-importing", for the most part they are picked up every time we hit the shores, but there are some items which should be ordered beforehand, and we've been trying to catch up with that list, hoping that everything gets delivered in time.
  • Pictures - I had good intentions of making a DVD with a selection of pictures from the past year or so which I could show my family allowing them a little view of my life... but NO! I never got that done.
  • Housework - the house is an absolute wreck, and I hate the thought of leaving N. the nasty mess.
Making all of this so much worse is the fact that on Monday I noticed a funny tickle in the back of my throat. By Tuesday it was a full-fledged sore throat moving into my ears, which eventually lead to me leaving work early on Thursday.

Getting sick has put all the things which I MUST do onto the back burner. The laundry is stacked so high that it is now exceeding its confines, and of course my brain isn't thinking as clearly as it should, making the tasks at the office all that harder.

As usual my ears are clogging up horribly which makes me a little fearful about the whole plane experience. At least I'll only be touching down for one change instead of the more normal three changes. Perhaps my scuba training will help me keep the ears open and if the training doesn't help, then I'm thinking the "self-imported" Sudafed will!

Anybody know of any "cure all" for the common cold?

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Patty said...

You have a very nice blog :)
I visited Germany several years ago and would love to come back some day. Love your photos.