Friday, March 7, 2008

Living in Berlin

I found this plaque on the construction zone fence around the new Unter den Linden U-Bahn site. It really struck me because this is exactly how I feel. Berlin is great, but very often I run into these native Berliners who are exactly like the first people described in this text... Rather bad-tempered and aggressive. To a person like me that really enjoys every moment of walking through the streets of this wonderful, open, energetic, sprawling, artistic city - it is hard to imagine how some of the natives cannot simply love their city. For me it is a reminder that many times people simply take for granted what they have, and getting out and away from it for a while might show them how wonderful their lives really are.

I think it would be great if we all just stopped a moment to open our eyes, look around us, and take some time to ENJOY what we have.

What is it that you take for granted? What is it that you have which other people would enjoy?

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