Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shantel - Love That Beat!

I ran across Shantel on YouTube and just can't get enough of his music! It's catchy, fun, totally danceable (is that a word?) cool and just makes my toes tap!

Billboard's critic did a good job of summing it all up:

"Stefan Hantel, aka Shantel, is German, but his love and respect for Eastern European and Arab music infuse the tracks he's put together for this collection. The worldwide popularity of hip-hop and club beats can often make one fear for the future of indigenous sounds, but Shantel has found a way to mash the fractured rhythms of the Balkans, Israel, North Africa, and various Gypsy cultures into the basic disco thump without diluting these ancient traditions. .

Every track is a multinational mash-up full of insane good humor and booty-bouncing beats guaranteed to get you out of you seat and onto the dancefloor..."

Don't miss the Shantel experience!
Love the music... the video... well, a little wild!

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