Friday, April 18, 2008

A Dream Concert

Tee Hee Hee!
These words are typed by a person giggling with delight!

In July yours truly will finally see K.D. Lang live and in person!
Today I bought our tickets!
On top of that normal delight... I'm dragging N. to Amsterdam to do it!

This woman has a voice that can melt butter. She does a rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" which stops me dead in my tracks and raises goosebumps every time I hear it.

My admiration for K.D. goes far beyond the whole lesbian thing. Her "woodsy baritone" (sorry, lifted it from a "Variety" review of the American run of this concert series) voice and talent far outstrip the average famous singer and leave them far behind.

Now we need to do some research on Amsterdam. So far it is a long weekend jaunt, but with some planning we might make it part of a longer holiday travel package. Perhaps there is someone reading this who could give me some "don't miss this" hints?

Tee hee hee! We'll be in row 18...
Anyone care to join us?


Maria said...

Bing and I saw k.d. in concert about ten years ago.

This was in Nebraska, of course, and she barely filled half of a a theatre. But, I still remember her voice and how it was like ribbons of satin and at the same time so gritty like sand.

I have all of her cds and I am SO not into music. But, for her...I make an exception.

Patty said...

I'd love to join you but it's a very long plane ride over the pond.
Enjoy the concert. K.D. rocks!!

Snooker said...

@ Maria - You have ALL her CD's... wow, that is saying something! If Bing had them, that would be one thing, eh? I'm impressed!
Love the "ribbons of satin"... I might just have to use it.

@ Patty - I understand what you mean, it is a long ride over the Atlantic. Maybe k.d. is coming into your area! Then you wouldn't need the airmiles.
Good to hear from you again, girl!

janina said...

hi maria ~ i saw kd lang in nyc a few months ago and the entire show was wonderful. i hope you have a great time. they are addding alot of tour dates too if that helps.

Snooker said...

@ Janina
Tee hee hee... just a week or so away!!!
AND she will be in Berlin too! But some idiot scheduled her opposite Joni Mitchell... doh!

Anonymous said...

just now read your blog/comment on the langisms-msn group. dont think you'll read this anymore before k.d.s concert, cuz we're about 4 hours before it. Yayayayayay! (Can you tell i am getting psycehed?! :-) )
You understand by now, that i will be at the concert too, haha. Would love to chat and show you around amsterdam a bit. (am dutch, majored in american studies, been a kd fan since 1992, have been in the us about 12 times, planning on going again soon etc.)
Hope to see you in row 18! I am in row 14... Will look out for you, and otherwise, maybe i can show you and yr girlfr. around Holland/Amsterdam in about 3 years time!? (That's when she sang/played/did her last concert here.)
Bye, take care,
MZ from Utrecht (near Am.dam but nicer, haha)

Snooker said...

Hey MZ, sorry I got this too late. Sad, we would love to have some "insider information" on the area. But alas, we leave Tuesday...
I hope that you enjoyed the concert even half as much as we did. :)