Thursday, April 10, 2008

The New U-55 Subway Line

Maybe I'm just a bit too geeky, perhaps you would just call it a strange quirk. I find myself unusually interested in the goings on in the city's subways. To me it is wondrous to think that there is an entire city UNDER the city! All of these HUGE rooms and so many tunnels going this way and that!

For me it probably all started in Superman II when Gene Hackman (Lex Luthor ) had taken over part of the New York subway for his evil lair. There they were three stories below Park Avenue, he had a fabulous place, and no one even knew it still existed. I tried to come up with pictures of what they showed in the movie, but couldn't, sorry. Let's just say that it looked like a subway station time had forgotten complete with a huge pool. INCREDIBLE!

When I saw the movie "Flight Plan" with Jodie Foster it was hard to contain myself as I realized that the beginning of the movie was set in Berlin and one of the first shots was of her in Alexanderplatz station! I KNOW THOSE GREEN WALLS! Later when she exited the train she got off at Platz der Luftbrucke and I just about flipped. This is my HOME TURF! I know this station like the back of my hand! AND JODIE FOSTER WAS THERE!!!

So when I realized that Tom over at Mayda3000 had the chance to visit the construction site of the new U-Bahn 55 I was immediately and inexplicably jealous. Thankfully the guys at Mayda3000 take video of the interesting things they do, and of course a video was provided.

He also linked to a wonderful site which outlines what the not yet opened to the public Reichstag station looks like. By the way, the Mozart opera "The Magic Flute" (German Die Zauberflöte) will be performed in the same Reichstag subway station in April. As far as I'm concerned, that should be a cool event. Anyone interested?


G in Berlin said...

The German and I have been talking about this for a month: my German teacher sent me the site because I spent so much time complaining about the one we saw at the Comic Opera. We'd be interested in May. But before that: any lunch next week except Friday is fine for me, Thursday with N is also great.Drop me a line.

tqe / Adam said...

you're geeky; it's awesome... I too am envious!

and I could be talked into the performances.

Maria said...

Isn't it a kick when you see things in movies in your neighborhood.

The movie "About Schmidt" was filmed mainly two blocks from my house. In fact, when I heard at a neighborhood meeting how much my neighbor got paid to vacate his house for the film for a mere two months (68,000$), I nearly cried. Why didn't they choose MY house?

And remember "The Bridges of Madison County?" I grew up walking all over those bridges. We had a little farm in Madison County.

Small world. Cool world.

Dr. J said...

I'm REALLY hoping to get to it... sounds fantastic!