Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Orleans Needs Stronger Dikes

I found this treasure at Looking Into a lovely photo blog. They had actually posted an image of it (which was well done I might add) on the blog, but I liked the poster so much that I Googled it and found a very cute website which had the poster as well. Bobby Lounge is his name and I took a while looking around his site. Something tells me that New Orleans has a treasure in Bobby. Here is the link to the poster itself. At that same link you will also see the flip side of the artist's humor... that "New Orleans needs more Ferrys".

But still I hadn't found the true artist. (Well, I read some more on Bobby's site and eventually ran into the name - but Google was faster) John Preble is his name. He's director of the UCM Museum (get it? You See 'Em Muu See Um) in Abita Springs, Louisiana which is one hour north of New Orleans. It's one of those quirky roadside attractions with all kinds of home-made "inventions".

I love Google.
I learn something everyday!

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soccer mom in denial said...

And I love YOU for doing more research! I just snapped that photo in the French Quarter and didn't even think of the artist behind the print.