Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On Meeting G in Berlin

Hey, I just found this in my blog listed as a "draft". Looks like I didn't click "publish blog", eh? It should have been posted on the 19th.
Sorry G!

Last week I met up with G in Berlin and had a nice lunch at a local haunt that sees me too much (more about that below).

It's good for me to see and experience Berlin from the eyes of someone new to it. G is on a whirlwind tour of Germany and I don't think it is going to stop for her anytime soon so she is trying to get her mind wrapped around Planet Germany. I wish her the best of luck.

Berlin is so large and yet so small that it confounds me to think that G is going to become a member of the same book club I've been enjoying. It is also strange to think I've been reading a Berlin blogger for a few months now and about three weeks ago finally put two and two together to realize that she is one of the members of that same book club.

My mind is wandering, isn't it? Sorry. Back to G.

We talked about the normal things like how we're not sure that Germans comprehend the idea of customer service and how hard the language is to learn. But I also got a chance to hear her excitement at finally being able to explore the city. She hasn't had the same chance I had to discover the various sections and fun spots of this lovely place I like to call home. I had the luxury of spending a year just being a Berlin tourist (albeit a poor one) and simply making my own personal survey of my new digs. Personally I've learned from my crappy experience of living in Seattle for six months and never visiting the Space Needle or Pike Place Market.

This reminded me how much I really enjoy showing people around Berlin. I've only had one family member come to visit me, which is a shame because I would love to have the chance to force people to visit museums with me. Next time Adam comes up I think we're going to have to plan some serious touristy things. My trouble the last few times is that I've just been busy and haven't had the time to dedicate to the venture. NEXT TIME ADAM, I SWEAR!

Wandering again...

OK, so talking with G also made me feel a bit foolish. She's on about Passover and no bread and special diet requirements and it occurs to me that I don't know a lot about Judaism... heck, did I even spell that right? Did I use it right? I guess it's no secret that I really don't know much about organized religion at all... not even my own... don't ask me about the Trinity or whatever because you are barking up the wrong tree. But it occurred to me that I know little or nothing about the Jewish people's religious requirements. How could I live with practicing Jews all around me and not know more? There is probably a reason I don't know the Muslim faith... simply because I don't have day to day dealings... unlike Judaism. Almost all the knowledge I have of the Jewish faith are from books, and this information was incidental to the story... Perhaps I should put it into perspective, not being a religious person I suppose that I simply don't get into religious discussions. Without such discussions, no learning, eh?

On to the previously-mentioned restaurant.

The restaurant is called Mr. Wok on Wilmersdorfer Str and I highly recommend it. The Ente knusprig (crispy duck) is worth the trip! My little group from work has been there so much that we almost have a Stammtisch (regular table) situation. For example, as G and I were paying and saying our goodbyes to the waitress the sweet oriental lady (I don't think she's Thai) looked at me and said "Until next time" to which I said, "Yeah, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday". Soon I'll walk in the door and the place will yell "Snooker"!

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G in Berlin said...

Thanks for giving the name- I really liked Mr. Wok and after I try the sushi place, I may go back. I'd like to try the crispy duck;-)
I was nattering on about Judaism and Passover more in the context of what one can't find in Berlin (Germany) rather than the religion itself. I've always been a member of a minority group but I've never been in such a small minority before that when I required necessary dietary items, they were almost unaffordable. So I was in a bit of shock last week.
On this topic, I was at a party last week when someone asked me what the difference between Judaism and Catholicism really was. When I said that Protestants and Catholics were Christian, she disagreed. She actually felt that there was a difference between Catholics and Protestants that was huge.When I pointed out that from my POV, not believing in a past Messiah, they were the same, she was amazed. Had never realized that Jews don't believe in Jesus (as a Messiah) or celebrate Christmas, Easter, etc.That's Germany for you. And now I will have to blog on this, as I am thinking about it!