Friday, April 4, 2008

Whats On My Shelf... AND What's On Yours?

G in Berlin tagged me for an interesting meme.
Basically you take a picture of a shelf to share with the blogging world.
It being a meme, you then tag others to see what is on their shelf.
I like the idea a lot, so I've provided two pictures.

The first is our "travel book" area. It usually gets stuffed with books right after we come back. You'll see that often we have two books for the same area, this is because we get one in German and one in English. It's really quite funny how each one of these books treats the same subject in a different way.

On top of this shelf is the MAUSI CAT TOY!!! It has to be here because the cat won't jump there to get to it. Oh and... "23 Minutes in Hell". This is a book my sister gave me last November and instructed me to read it. Knowing who it came from, and looking at the title I decided it had a religious base, and it never made it past the "travel book" area after I came back from that trip... Sorry Vic.

The second is mostly N.'s area. Here you can find the diving books. N. is a PADI Open Water Diver Instructor, and this is just a part of her entire collection. Peeking out you can see a miniature New Beetle which is an exact replica down to the color of the cute little car I had to leave behind in the States. Being much more obvious is a Vespa replica which was a Christmas gift from my FIL. It is pretty close to the one we have now. Behind that is a Vespa sign from my sweet N. Below that is the CD player and a selection of recently-played music. Here you will also see a chewed-up ExBerliner which I highly recommend to all English-speaking, Berlin-living expats.
OH OH. Can someone explain to me why the end of the book is printed "upside down" in Germany? Of course I know that it is a regional thing... books in the States are of course "upside down" for Germans as well. When I put a book on a shelf it naturally goes a certain way to me... SO THAT THE TITLE ON THE END CAN BE EASILY READ! But NOOO... German printers have to be different!! Can't we all just agree on a direction and stick to it? My CD's, DVD's and books tend to be a horrible jumble because of this lack of uniformity.

I usually don't tag folks for these things, but Claire over at Cheeseburgers and Sauerkraut was saying that she would like to have something to blog about besides baby poop. So here is your chance Claire, show us your collection of baby books! And heck, Adam - Germany's Queer Expatriate will be visiting me in Berlin soon, but when he gets back home, maybe he'd like something to do... so you're tagged too Adam!

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G in Berlin said...

Thanks for joining in;-)
From the beginning the German book upside down thing has been annoying. Not that I have a lot of adult German books (without pictures, I would be lost) but we have masses of kids books and it drives me crazy. Owell.
So N is a PADI instructer? I am NAUI certified and was just saying today that I need to find a good all inclusive, get my regulator sericed, and re-certify because I don't remember a blessed thing. Where do you guys dive? Any recommendations where I could have the kidlets taken care of while I dive?