Friday, May 16, 2008

Gay Marriage Upheld In California

San Francisco opened the door to gay marriage last year, and almost immediately, lawsuits were filed to stop it. The courts ordered the marriages to stop even as people were standing in line waiting their turn before the judge. The California Supreme court looked at the issue, and ruled that they could continue. Now haters will have to wait until November to pass a constitutional amendment to stop it. After all, a 50% divorce rate must be the sacred possession of heterosexuals! The marriages will be able to start again in 30 days. Hopeful gays and lesbians are lining up trying to get appointments to get married in the short amount of time which they have before the voters have a chance to knock it down again.

The argument that "this is the way we have always done it" gives trump to tradition over evolving social standards and the Constitution. If the state has an interest in stable families, how does allowing more of them threaten marriage? If marriage is under so much threat, how come we haven't criminalized infidelity? Why is divorce still legal? Even the Catholic Church allows divorce. If it is so bad, then why not just have a zero tolerance policy?

Those who wish to make the Biblical argument are restricted to the Old Testament and the Book of Leviticus. Homosexuality is forbidden with the same set of prohibitions like dress codes which have fallen out of both Jewish and Christian mores and rules that insist crops not be harvested in the corners so the poor can harvest for themselves. I believe we gave up the death penalty for adultery a while back. On the other hand, let's consider for a moment the Ten Commandants. We allow without state sanctions some behaviors which are clearly forbidden by God (and I'm speaking metaphorically here. We all agree that adultery is a categorically bad behavior, for example, but it isn't a felony any more than envy is.)

We don't have a 50% divorce rate in America because of gay couples, and you can take that to the bank.

This was done by Ward Sutton (website / Wiki)
This one is from Mikhaela Reid.


Goofball said...

haha I love the argument "a 50% divorce rate must be the sacred possession of heterosexuals"...never heard that before. Very good :p

Jul said...

Yay California! And I love the cartoons.