Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Horse Loses The Race

While campaigning in Kentucky on Thursday the 1st of May, Hillary Clinton paid a visit to her campaign headquarters.

She told the workers about how they were working hard in North Carolina and Indiana and how they are getting great support.

At this time she thought it would be cute to tell them that she was sorry she wouldn't be able to be at the Kentucky Derby even though Chelsea would be attending. Her next words were a bit prophetic... "I want everybody to place a little money on the filly". This was the first female horse in the Kentucky Derby in nine years. Seeing how the horse was a 20:1 odd to win, it was an odd thing to say, since it seemed that the lone filly was destined to lose in her analogy. But it actually turned out even worse than that.

If you've read my last post you will know that the filly actually ended up finishing second behind a colt named "Big Brown" and then shortly after crossing the finish line in second place, sadly the filly broke both front ankles, collapsed, and had to be euthanized right there on the track.

Of course Hill couldn't have known what would happen. But how interesting it is when one thinks about it. She comes up in second place, losing to "Big Brown" and her career is ended in a tragic way. I bet that speech writer is looking for a new job today.

On another note... I was sent a very nice tribute video which uses one of my favorite songs.

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