Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Movie Time - Iron Man

I keep forgetting to talk about this great movie. Iron Man (website).
(possible spoilers)

This Movie Rocks.

Not only is it wonderful to see Robert Downey Jr. back on screen and working, it is great to have a superhero movie made with CGI that doesn't LOOK like CGI. The last few Spidey movies have been just a bit too much for me. I'm not alone believing that this sci-fi flick was even better because the actor actually upstages the magnificent special effects.

Downey was a great choice to act this character, he has the devil may care attitude needed to portray rich guy turned super hero with a conscience. I guess I've had a thing for Robert since "Chances Are" with Cybill Shepherd.

Jeff Bridges bald... who would have thought it... but it works... really works. Unfortunately I knew that his character would end up being Iron Man's nemesis from the first time I saw him... but the playing out of the events was worth it.

May I add that Gwyneth Paltrow gave a fine performance as the assistant with all of the answers. Truthfully I could have done without the romance arc for her character. She would have remained more powerful to me without succumbing to Downey's charms. Gwyneth has been on my "list of those to watch" since she was in forgettable but visually stunning "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow".

My big disappointment... the title song. The trailers were full of what can possibly be one of the most famous heavy metal guitar riffs of all time... Black Sabbath's "Iron Man". Where was it in the movie? Come on! I wanted the hero to be flying through the night sky with "I am Iron Man" playing in the background. I know that Ozzy's lyrics didn't quite melt with the theme of the movie, but something could have been done. OK, I know that it got a bit of treatment at the end... actually the credits if I remember right, but come on!!!

OH, and hey!! I liked the usage of AC/DC's "Back in Black"! Good job boys!

See this one... It is two hours of lovely fun!

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