Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do You Know Where It Is?

Where is it?

Click the pic for a larger image

Really I am not wondering where the picture hangs... I know that much.
It sits on the wall in the local Globetrotter store (outdoors outfitter).

No, really what would please me most is to know where this picture was taken. When I told N. that I wanted to know where it is and began to take a picture of the picture, she looked at me strangely. Then I calmly let her know that it looks fantastic, and just like a place I would like to spend a long time hiking, camping, simply enjoying the environment. That this is the type of place which would build an inner peace in my soul.

After her jaw snapped shut and she took the incredulous look off of her face, she suggested that I put it on the blog and see if any of the bloggers might know where it is.
So? Any ideas?


C N Heidelberg said...

It looks a lot like southern Utah. A really beautiful place to visit and go hiking!!

Snooker said...

Yeah Heidelbergerin, you have a point. Funny thing, I was actually born in southern Utah, Cedar City to be exact. Just an hour away from several fantastic parks including Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. But my family moved away when I was three months old and I've only been back once. Maybe I'm hankering for something I'm missing.

Still I've never seen a similar picture to the one mentioned coming from either of these parks... in fact, they're a bit rough. This park looks like a river came through it or water in some form.

C N Heidelberg said...

It has the same texture as some of those really smooth slot canyons, which you can find some of in Utah. I hiked in one called Little Wild Horse, which was just on some public land, not in Bryce or Zion. I don't think that's what the picture is of, though, because those canyons are too narrow to get a shot like that.
Of course the photo might not even be in the US!! Maybe you can contact the company that made the ad. :)

C N Heidelberg said...

Ooh, here's something from Arizona that's similar:

Snooker said...

Wow! I think I found it! From your link I ImageGoogled Sandstone Swirl, Arizona and came up with this!
Location: Kaleidoscope Ridge in Arizona.
This is nowhere as beautiful as the picture above. The sun MAKES this picture.

OK, so now to figure out WHERE Kaleidoscope Ridge actually is.
It is in Arizona... but it must be in a park or possibly protected land.
Doing a search on Flicker only brought up two copies of the same National Geographic picture. I would think that if it were truly named Kaleidoscope Ridge and it were on public land that there would be THOUSANDS of pics on Flicker.

We're going to figure it out yet, Heidelbergerin!

Snooker said...

Or, what about this one?

C N Heidelberg said...

That second one looks really promising! I found a picture of the place referenced in the second photo where it looks just like the "Kaleidoscope Ridge" photo:
I guess it's near the Arizona/Utah border so maybe you can see some of this type of formation in both states.