Saturday, June 21, 2008

Motzstrassenfest 2008

This weekend is the Motzstrassenfest at Nollendorfplatz here in Berlin.
It is the beginning of Gay Pride Week which culminates next weekend with the Christopher Street Day (CSD).

N. and I will join the festivities on Saturday afternoon and meet up with various friends throughout our time in the area. The party extends into the nights of course and really livens up this part of Schoneberg which is traditionally the "gay men's" area of town.

The Gay Pride Flags are up at official buildings all over town, the air is teeming with gay energy... I LOVE BERLIN!!!


Goofball said...

have fun!

Maria said...

I have never once been to a gay pride and I think it is past time....

The ones they have in Omaha are pathetic and the news media always manages to find the transvestite who is dressed as Judy Garland and the lesbian who looks like she would beat you up with chains in an alley....

CrackerLilo said...

Love the rainbow bear! Does "bear" have the same meaning in gay Germany as it does in gay America?

L'Ailee and I have of late gotten bored with Pride, and we don't know why that is. We did go see the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island today, though. Left offerings of fruit to the Sea Gods in order to celebrate the official opening of the ocean for swimming. It was very Pagan. I wish I'd thought to take pictures.

I'm glad *you* took pictures and showed them to us!

And, it's interesting to see someone who went even farther for love than I did! I thought Florida to NYC was a leap, and culturally, it sure is. But you got me beat!