Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sandsation is Here!

Summer is really here! Two fantastic yearly events are setting up right now. Sandsation and the Smart Grand Slam Beach Volleyball World Tour. Both are easily found at Berlin's Hauptbahnhof.

The sculptors are busy preparing for Sandsation RIGHT NOW! I took a little bike tour around the area this morning and shot some pics. Click on this one and you can see some of the sculpture work is ongoing. Sorry for the quality, I just had the point and shoot... and they don't let anyone close to the area... no telephoto lenses on the bike.

From the website:
On June 8th, Berlin's biggest and without doubt most beautiful "sand pit" is going to open its gates for the sixth time at the Berliner Hauptbahnhof.
Again, the most renowned sand sculpture artists from all over the world will come together for the International Sand Sculpture Festival SANDSATION. Welcoming up to 120,000 fascinated guests each year, the only urban sand art festival in Europe easily established itself in Berlin's vast cultural landscape.

Although I didn't get any pictures of the beach volleyball area, it is coming along nicely as well. Soon there will be world class volleyball right here in the Hauptstadt!


Location: Berlin, DE said...

Cool! I was wondering what those scultures were all about. I will definitely check it out.

Diane Mandy said...

I am so looking forward to visiting Berlin some day. You always have the best posts on what is going on in the city!

Goofball said...

isn't it great when all the summer events are getting scheduled? It fills yourself with such antipication for a fantastic summer. yoooohooee.