Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stoopid Human Tricks on a Bicycle

Hello, Frank again....
Thank you for your previous comments.

Adam, I think it is a little scary that you like my eyes... I mean, you certainly could have said something about my BEE - U - TI - FUL coat!

Jul... I know where you live!
Next thing I know you will be coming here to see what you can put on me!

CrackerLilo... thank you for your kind support and understanding!

Goofball. I looked up the raining cats and dogs thing and found out that it is just a strange human language phrase. How Silly! Yes, I heard it has stopped raining in Amsterdam, but it took the girls two days to figure that out... I guess they spent too long in the Coffeeshop or something.

Today's video is one of those stoopid human tricks we always hear about.
I could do this... it wouldn't be such a big thing.
But then I am better than the average cat.

Thanks for your lovely comments... except you Jul... I enjoy reading them while munching on crispy tuna crackers.


Jul said...

Now that you mention it, I do often find myself in Berlin... looking for someplace to put stuff...


tqe / Adam said...

I'm a sucker for men with blue eyes.

By any chance are you single? Lookin' for love? I'd love to go out on a date with you. I'll even bring a can of tuna, a blanket, and some catnip.

... and I do adore your beautiful coat... I really want to pet it.

Claire said...

Frank, your so cute! You should definitly have a blog of your own.

Goofball said...

Hi Frank,

yes plenty of stupid human expressions out there. Don't pay too much attention to them.

Did you know the Dutch and the Belgians have a phrase "buying a cat in a bag"? It's also a silly expression, fortunately they don't truly buy cats in a bag. They do get ripped off now and then though.

Bye bye