Monday, September 22, 2008

It is coming!

Today I saw my first REAL RED and YELLOW leaves!
I am so excited! Fall is probably my favorite season.
The weather starts to change, the air becomes fresh - I always seem to breathe better in the fall. Part of me really enjoys the layering of clothes. It is nice to get all snuggly in a soft, warm sweater, jeans, light boots, and of course the season's first scarf. Ummph

Many of my best memories are of growing up in western Pennsylvania surrounded by literally thousands of trees. Some years it seemed the hardwoods would change colors overnight and drop all leaves within a week. Other times the fall lagged on for two months, starting in September with the last leaves being raked up in November.

It takes a good, hard early frost to produce the best leaf colors. I remember jumping for joy in the early morning as I would peer outside and see the first thick frost on the grass, this signals the beginning of the most beautiful season in one of the best places in the world to actually enjoy it.

Some people say the word Autumn instead of Fall. Not me. Not only does it sound pretentious (yup, I know the Brits are in this category), but Autumn doesn't have any real meaning behind it. Fall says exactly what happens... things FALL.

Leaves turning gold red and amber, apple picking, corn harvesting, pumpkin carving, high school football when you can still enjoy two hours outside without freezing, jumping into a pile of leaves just because you can, soup or chili in the slow cooker,wading through leaves knee deep on a forest walk, Mom canning her heart out while filling the kitchen producing such smells... ah, Fall.
Did I miss anything?

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Goofball said... didn't get me convinced. Sorry, I must be stubborn in my fall-frustrations

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

I love fall!!! The leaves are changing down here as well...and I am so ready for it. It truly is my favorite time of year.

Snooker said...

Sorry Goofball, I know you don't like fall. Spring will be here before you know it!

@ Cowgirl isn't the fall GREAT!?! I want to see more leaves changing!

Diane Mandy said...

You mean it isn't here already? Brrrrrrr.