Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guess what we're having for dinner on Sunday?

We'll have a couple of friends over Sunday late afternoon. When asked what they wanted to eat, I was told to come up with something American. Hm... Apple pie? Should I feed them a burger and fries or what? So I decided to go with something I've been hungry for and just haven't had the time/energy/reason to put it all together. Tex-Mex. Hey, that's pretty American isn't it?

Tomorrow's menu: Burritos, (from scratch meat mix is stewing on the stove right now) oven-made nachos, and the ingredient I'm most excited about... homemade guacamole! I perused the stalls at Winterfeld Markt Saturday morning for the perfect avocados, picked out some plump tomatoes, found some WONDERFUL hot chilis, a bit of green onion, fresh lemon juice as a preservative, ground sea salt... oh my, this is going to be great stuff.

This time I decided not to go for the REALLY FRESH tortillas from the local Mexican guy who delivers all kinds of food. Nah, I'll give the Fuego brand one more try. Also I found SALTED tortilla chips at Kaiser's. OK, this is an event! No silly curry-flavored nacho chips for us! Hell, I even sprung for the 2.89 EUR can of Fuego refried beans to see if they're any good. Now all I need is an ice bucket full of Corona and I'm all set!

Anyone want to join us?


headbang8 said...

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who like their guacamole smooth, and those who like it lumpy. Which are you?

Snooker said...

I'm a lumpy girl... but they can't be too big. For me the line between is thin, which is why I don't normally enjoy anyone else's Guacamole.
And you?

C N Heidelberg said...


I like my guac chunky too.

Sarah said...

Mmmmm, guac. Did you manage to find Haas avocados? I've made it here with the greener, smoother-skinned avocados and it's just never right. Of course, I might've just been impatient and not let them ripen enough.

Good luck with your dinner! And it's probably too late now, but you can make refried beans from scratch, but it takes lots of prep time and some trial and error.

Yelli said...

Sounds DELISH! I also found cilantro at a turkish store near my house!

Too bad I am at a choir concert tonight otherwise I might crash your party!!! :)

Have fun!

Alice said...

I'm also a slightly-chunky kind of gal. And if I lived closer, I'd SO be crashing in on dinner! Hope it was great!

Maria said...

I like any kind of guacamole. ANY kind.

Snooker said...

@ C N - Man, that chunky stuff is great!

@ Sarah - WOW, you're really into this. I have no idea what kind of avocados I got. They were a bit bumpy though. All I know is that the guac was really nice!

@ Yelli and Alice - We love party crashers... next time, come on over.

@ Maria - Gosh girl, I haven't seen you here in a while. I don't know how you find the time. Thanks for droppin' by.