Friday, October 31, 2008

What a week!

Yup, that's me. It seems a nasty sinus infection has seeped up into my eyes. How disgusting is that? This pic was taken after one dose of hard antibiotics and five doses of eye drops. You should have seen them before!

Maybe I should consider plucking those eyebrows... eh, forget it!

So last Sunday I started a sore throat, went into a fever and choking on my own... you know... mucus. ugh. By Wednesday I started to feel like my eyes were being pushed out of my head from the inside every time I blew my nose, coughed, or just leaned over.

Here in Germany, if you take over three days off from work ya gotta go to the doctor for an ok to return to work, so you can guess where I was yesterday. Yup, off to see my favorite caretaker. Really I figured that I would be back at work by today.

Nope, she had other plans... "take some antibiotics and here, these eye drops should help. And oh, you need to take at least another week off of work". You're kidding!

Lovely, eh?

Hey, interesting thing. Zitty Magazine asked to use one of my photos they found on my Flickr page. There's nothing really special about it. The pic is of Rathaus Sch├Âneberg, and not a really good photo at that. The only thing I think might be special is that it has gay pride flags flying out front. They do it for the whole month of June, so even that isn't so special. Nonetheless when we suggested that it might be nice to have a little money for the rights to the photo... they offered 20€! HEY! That paid this year's Flickr charges!

Other than that my life this week has been spent in our apartment. I watched movies when I wasn't asleep, and when my eyes got so bad that the light hurt, I listened to movies that I know so well that I can listen to them and know what is happening on the screen. It was cool the first two days, now it isn't so fun. Who would have thought?


C N Heidelberg said...

Get well soon!!

headbang8 said...

Get well soon.

jen said...

get better, Snooks. Laying in bed with Frank has magical healing powers.

christina said...

Hoo boy - you poor thing, those are some red eyes. I really hope all the meds start kicking in soon, sinus infections are no fun. And yeah, German docs will give you two weeks off just for having the sniffles!

cliff1976 said...

Nice work getting your flickr pro fee covered!

Snooker said...

@Thanks Heidelburgerin and Headbang, I'm workin' on it!

@Jen, you got that right... the silly cat won't stay off of me. He certainly THINKS that he has healing powers.

@Mausi - Darn sinus infections... but this one stepped up a notch. Who knew it could go into your eyes?

@ Cliff - NO KIDDING! Isn't that cool? I told N. something to that effect and you should have seen her eyes. Ahem, she didn't know that I had to PAY for Flickr. Whoops! FAIL!