Friday, November 21, 2008

This is going to mess up my whole day

Don't these people understand?
I rely on MY bakery and the nice bakery lady to be here EVERY morning!

This is what I saw when I rounded the corner to my local bakery today. Two men tearing my favorite breakfast place apart. No rows of happy little rolls waiting to go into a paper sack and taken away. No rack of robust German bread loaves. No piles of tantalizingly warm Brezeln (soft pretzel) with different coverings from salt to seeds. No lines of sweet temptations begging to be taken away.

The two large signs in the window proclaim that the haven of fresh bread smells will be closed for refurbishing until the 2nd of December! (Good thing I'm going out of town, eh?)

I NEED my two Kürbiskern-Brötchen (pumpkin seed rolls) with a crisp outside and a soft but hearty inside that come fresh out of the oven. I NEED my nice bakery lady to welcome me into the shop with a smile and to pull out the "best of the batch" for me, not too crispy, not too browned.

These people don't seem to understand how much they can upset their loyal customers by doing such a thing!

OK, OK, So I know that there are four other bakeries within one hundred meters. Of course I traipsed my sad self over to one of those. BUT, the ladies in the other bakery were not so nice. In fact throughout my one and a half minutes of waiting in line, asking for what I want AND having money demanded of me, "Don't you have five more cents to make this easier?", I encountered enough Berliner Schnauze to last me a week. (Good thing I'm going out of town, eh?)

What, you might ask, is Berliner Schnauze? Hm... Pleite did a great job of describing it here. It might be explained as a feeling you get from the average Berliner that their city has made them as rough and gruff as possible. I would say that it is an aloofness mixed with arrogance and displayed as rudeness.

How can a reasonable person WANT to start their day with a bakery lady giving out Berliner Schnauze with their morning bread?

Ahem, on a side note... the Mohnschnecke (poppy seed snail) in the Schnauze shop looked so good... I simply HAD to pick one up.
Well, come on.
Concessions had to be made to assure that my day wouldn't be THAT messed up!


Yelli said...

The construction here does come up kind o' suddenly doesn't it? No signs, nix, nothing...just blue overalls and tools where favorite places once stood. You are lucky they are refurbishing. One of our favorite places just vanished one night into a could of dust and "Zu Vermeiten" signs!

Yelli said...

Oh and thanks for the "schauze" explanation! I knew there had to be a word for it!!!!

beatrix said...

Ah! you meant the bakery downstairs! Now I get it. This would explain the huge truck I saw this morning, wondering why it was allowed on the sidewalk. Should have given it a second thought. Typical SEP field.

Have a nice trip!!!

CrackerLilo said...

I think there's New Yorker Schnauze, too. Maybe it's just a big-city thing. I still don't know how to act tough.

I'm glad your bakery will be coming back when you do!

Oh, and while I have never had a poppy-seed snail, it sounds yummy!

Goofball said...

well fortunately for you, it will reopen. I first thought that it was closing for good. that would be worse, no?