Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What the frost?

Who would have thunk it? It could only happen to me. I leave cold, gray Berlin to come to Phoenix, Arizona with full expectations of sun and warm temperatures. So what greets me on my second morning? You guessed it, frost.

It was on everything. But may I say that it was simply sad to see it on a picnic table.

My brother suggested that we could probably write our names... but since all I could think was "WTF? FROST in PHOENIX?" I decided I would use that word instead.

Palm trees and frost? How does that work?

The other shots are of frost which was layered on the closed top of a convertable car. Maybe that is actually more sad than frost on top of a picnic table.


J said...

I don't suppose you wanna hear it's 90F here in Asia, do you?

Snooker said...

No J, it wouldn't help...
BUT then... I suppose that I should mention that the orange crop is just fine and I'm really enjoying fresh oranges picked right out of the yard!
Oh, and today it will be 75F/25C.

CrackerLilo said...

Oh, that's too funny about the frost following you to Arizona!

I got to pick oranges out of, um, someone's yard in Florida. (They weren't home.) Tastes better that way, doesn't it?

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the wild temperature swings - sometimes I actually miss it. We tend to walk around much more lightly dressed than our German Mitbürger because we're accustomed to leaving for school/work when it's 25 F°/-4 C° and coming home when it's 70 F°/21 C°.

Hope you're having a good time!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year!!!

Goofball said...

are you in Europe right now? We got 10 cm of snow yesterday and then the coldest night in 12 years (-14C). Brrrr. I like it though, it beats a grey soft wet winter