Monday, March 9, 2009

A bit of Chinese culture... Chinese Rap...

I have shamelessly stolen this from Betsy, who in turn shamelessly stole parts of information from Language Log. Sometimes it is good to steal... OK, so maybe it isn't. But if you're going to steal anyway, you should at least linky to those you steal from, don't you think?

The video below is being described as Chinese rap music. Going to Language Log you will get to see the text (in Chinese and English) of the song. This, I find incredibly cool.
I doubt we would see lyrics like this in an English rap song:
"Squat when you're tired of standing,
sit when you're tired from squatting
Lie down when you're tired of sitting,
lie prone when you're tired from lying down
Sleep when you're tired of lying prone,
nap when you're unable to sleep"

Please, at least listen to the first thirty seconds.

OK, now please forgive me...
But am I the only one that had a bit of a flashback to the Swedish Chef?

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Jul said...

Awesome! And I thought German rap sounded weird...