Friday, March 27, 2009

Funny Foto Freitag

Originally uploaded by snooker68

What should we do with this 3 meter long cardboard tube?
Maybe we prop it up alongside a mini trashcan along Unter den Linden.

Yelli at 50% of My DNA has a Funny Foto Freitag... and this week I actually had something that MIGHT qualify!

It was so strange. I was taking an early Sunday morning walk along Unter den Linden in the vicinity of the Humbolt University and ran across this huge cardboard tube. It was propped up against a trashcan intended for cigarette butts and gum wrappers.


tqe / Adam said...


Sometimes you've got to be creative with your trash. I have had to do some underhanded things occasionally.

Yelli said...

Maybe we are misinterpreting it. Maybe it was a ramp for a pet mouse to forage for food in the trash....

or maybe not! :)

Claire said...

To me it looks like an australian musical instrument! :-D

Maria said...

I am curious as to what it was used for. Um...did it carry an odor?