Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Schnäppchenpreis for goodies

Sweet No and I live WAY too close to a really cool Fabrikverkauf (factory outlet) here in Berlin. The local Bahlsen snack factory down the street also has an outlet attached... and boy, does that thing make trouble for Snooker.

What you see in the picture to the left is part of the booty from our last visit. The factory not only makes Bahlsen products but also Leibniz and many others. Chips, crackers, Lebkucken, NicNacs, teas, etc. These are all brand name products you will see in your local Kaisers.

The round things in the plastic box are waffle crackers with one end dipped in chocolate. These are the base of my downfall. Normally they only come in a small box and are horribly expensive. But at the factory outlet we can buy 500 grams for about the normal price of 100 grams... that is as long as I don't care about a few broken pieces, cracks, or heaven forbid... two stuck together!!

If you are a careful shopper, you can get some great deals. Most items which are "normal" and are found in the outlet are at least 10% off what you would pay at Kaisers. All items have a sign above them. This sign shows not only the price, but exactly what is wrong with the product for them to offer the discount. Much of the time it is simply a misprint on the packaging, sometimes the weight is off, or the chocolate isn't exactly centered on the cracker. Often the expiration date is quite close, but I've never seen anything out of date so far, so I don't think they keep those items for sale.
This place is perfect to grab a bunch of munchies for an upcoming party or the next time it's your turn to provide snacks for the Kita. Perhaps you're like me and simply need something to do while sitting in front of the TV...

The place itself is not spectacular. Visitors must go around the back to enter, although thankfully there are plenty of parking spaces in front. Right now the company is in the process of adding onto its factory. This is the 20 story shell of a building which can currently be seen from the A-100 highway at exit Oberlandstr.

Bahlsen has three other such outlets, but I've never visited the others, thus I have no way of knowing if they are as big or offer as many items. The other locations can be found here.

Before you start thinking that we're just worried about saving money on junk food, you should also know that we tend to make a monthly trip to the local Leiser Lagerverkauf for fantastic discounts on high quality footwear. Between Sweet No and myself we probably have 50 pairs of shoes... uh huh... a bit of a shoe fetish I would suppose. Without Leiser at the next exit on the highway I'm thinking our pocketbooks would be a lot lighter.

Please excuse the quality of the pictures. I wasn't sure if they would appreciate the thought of me snapping away in their store, so I was being quite quick about what I was getting.

Bahlsen Berlin-Tempelhof - Oberlandstr. 52-63 - 12099 Berlin.
Opening hours: MO-FR 9.00-18.00 / SA 9.00-14.00

Here you can find the locations of other factory outlets by city or by product.
So are we missing any other cool outlets around town?
Is there another with great deals worth suggesting?

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