Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Tuesday - Before Pride Edition

Let's take another ride on this Random Tuesday thing. The Un Mom will probably be surprised to learn that I'm joining her randomness a second time in a row, hell MY Mom would probably be astounded to know that I'm actually doing one of these "joining" things twice... well, if she read the blog that is.

Would you drive around with a car that had been vandalized to say "fAg" and "u r gay" in red paint? Erin is doing it, and girl... you go! I love how she's turned something horrible and stupid into a possibility to start people talking.

Reminds me of my own days of driving a really cool limited edition, available on the Internet only, Vapor New Beetle. Imagine a paint color that was such a light shade of blue that a great majority of men saw it as white, and lots of women stared affectionately as I passed. No kidding, it was a conversation starter for sure. There were MANY times that I was approached by people and asked to settle an argument about exactly WHAT color was my car. You can see pictures of my scale model of the car. Oh, and let me tell you... if I had wanted to be a pedophile I would have had my chances. MY GOSH people, teach your kids that having a cute little car does NOT mean that you should run up to any stranger and ask for a ride. This happened more times than I think should in this day and age.

Erin's story makes me think about how I had a rainbow sticker on all of my vehicles, yet as far as I can tell, I never had any vandalism. This could be caused by one of four three things, an open-minded simply educated town, really great luck, lack of skinheads in my city, or idiot thugs so stupid that they didn't know what it symbolized. Nice thought, eh?

Oh my gawd, has it really been 40 years since the Stonewall Riots? If you're clueless as to what this is, don't worry, way too many gay people don't know either. It was what can be thought of as the start of the Gay Civil Rights Movement. 40 years and we're still fighting for the right to have the same legal status as straight people? Makes me sad people.

I have always wanted a rainbow peace sign as a tattoo. Donations are accepted, and any donations coming in AFTER the fact can go toward my hospital bill when Sweet No finds out.

Lest you think this blog is going to be ALL LESBIAN - ALL THE TIME, let's move on, shall we?

Snooker has been feeling under the weather. Nope, it is not entirely because of the ... oh let's just say it... F*d up weather here in Berlin. April was summer with temps reaching slightly uncomfortable warmth, May was spring again with cooler temps than April, thus more like what May should be, and June... June has been like November or something. Cold, rainy, windy and just generally unpleasant doesn't make Snooker very happy you see.

The Germans say that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. But hell, shall we throw out there that it is IMPOSSIBLE to KNOW what will happen in the day's weather by checking out the weather forecasts. One radio station says that it will be sunny until around lunch, then get more cloudy and rain by dinner time. The next says that it will be sunny all day and rain all night. The TV weather says that it will rain all day long, but clear up overnight. In reality it was sunny and warm all day and clear all night. I'M NOT KIDDING, THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME! Unless a Berliner leaves the house everyday with an umbrella, sunglasses, a light coat, a heavy coat and special water-proof shoes... they should plan to be unprepared for what could possibly happen.

OK, back to being under the weather. Something happened to me on Saturday morning... my throat started to tickle and my internal thermometer turned off. (don't you just HATE when you KNOW you're getting a cold?) I didn't get a fever until Sunday, but I could tell by the fact that I always felt cold or always hot that something more than allergies were going to be messing up my life soon. All the "ward off a cold by taking our special, slightly expensive medicine at the first signs" didn't help. At this point I've been away from the office for two days, notice I didn't say "off work", just not physically at the office... there is a significant distinction. But the heavy load has passed, and my boss has officially given me the OK to be sick now... YEA! Still love working with her though.

Isn't that some crazy shit that's going on in Iran right now? Ah... I love the voice of dissent.

Being home all day has reminded me of the unfair life I lead. Do you KNOW what my cat does all day long? He sleeps, he eats, he poops. I get up at the crack of dawn and make my way to work, put in a full day of slavery cleverly disguised as contributing the the Gross National Product to bring home the bacon so that I can pay for the comfortable roof over his head, feed him the crack-like product which is known in my house as LAMB WHISKAS, and for the ultimate thrill... clean his shitter! Oh yeah, twice in 24 hours he deems it OK for me to caress him like the king he is. Now I ask you, which creature is higher in the intelligence ratings?

Watched two episodes of "House" tonight. Um, I think I like "Monk" better. Man, I'm not a doctor, and I just feel stupid after watching 39 minutes of House's arrogance. Oh, and if I were a patient and had to undergo treatment (which have the chance to be worse than the disease) for two diseases before he finally figures out what is the source of my ailment... I think I would be PISSED! It is just like I wouldn't want to be Jessica Fletcher's friend, you know, from "Murder, She Wrote". Simply knowing her or knowing someone that knew her was as good as a death sentence.

Movie club... I've decided to bastardize the book club craze and try out a movie club with the same basic premise. Our most recent version was a "classic night" where a group of people got together and watched "The African Queen" with Bogie and Hepburn. Afterwards we sat and chatted about the movie and what we thought. I think the next one should be picked out to polarize folks, perhaps "Doubt" with Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman would be a good choice. Aw shucks, if we are willing to incite a riot, maybe we'll just supply a bunch of wine and watch "Mama Mia" then dance and sing until we can dance and sing no more. Anyone have thoughts of the perfect movie club movie? Anyone? Anyone?
(get it? movie reference - bonus points to the first person that figures out what the H E double hockey sticks Snooker is babbling about.)

OK, enough. Peace out!
I hope nobody minds typos and strange sentences. My night time meds are catching up with me and soon I'll be blissfully unaware that the world exists outside of my dreams. Thus, no editing! Hey, is that random or WHAT!?


Keely said...

Bueller? Bueller?

Hope you feel better soon. I feel the evil ticklings of a sinus infection myself. And I never seem to get to the 'slightly expensive' medicine in time...

Love the fagbug! That girl has some nads.

cliff1976 said...

Thanks for the link to fagbug.com — I enjoyed watching the slideshow.

The Carpenters said...

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?