Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rings around the barrage

Swiss artist Felice Varini and his team have created a work of art which must be viewed from one specific spot to get the "whole picture"

Three ellipses have been painted onto the working pieces of the barrage, and when viewed correctly, everything comes together. If viewed from the incorrect area, it simply looks like a jumble of random yellow paint.

Images of the work seen from various angles can be viewed here. I strongly suggest that you visit the previous link to get an idea of the scale we are talking about. There is no way for me to get pictures of it, so I defer to them for more pictures and "the rest of the story".

While you are on that site, check out their other offerings. I especially like the Black Dot thing.

I've often wondered about artists like this. WHERE do they get these ideas? I would have never had such an idea. But once someone does it... I can completely see the art in it. It's all about the perspective, and what a message.

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Goofball said...

wow, that is so cool. How creative

CrackerLilo said...

I *love* this kind of art. It draws people in and gives a community a sense of fun. Thanks for sharing this!

Jan said...

The optical illusion sight is VERY cool, but it gave me a headache after awhile. Too much "stare at this tiny dot" stuff. LOL

Jul said...