Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ahh... we meet again

I am in the last few hours of a visit to the U.S. (Phoenix specifically). In the last week I've run into so many little things which are sorely missed as I live out my daily life in Berlin. Being a fat kid... yup, it's just the way it is... a good percentage of those things which are sorely missed just happen to be food.

Yes, that is Taco Bell. If you were able to actually read the "hot sauce" package you would see, "Ahh, we meet again". How true is that? Love it!
After I make a "Run for the Border" and come back to the States, it isn't long before I'm downing a Burrito Supreme. Add to that crab legs and tonight's prime rib... and a person could get the idea that I just come back to the States for the food.

Oh well, soon I'll be back in my beloved Berlin meeting up with my good friend, Fresh-Baked Pumpkinseed Roll!

So what is it? What would you have trouble living without if you left your home?

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cliff1976 said...

Since "home" is here now, I'd say Butterbrezen for the morning commute into work.

Goofball said...

funny since when I cross the Ocean ...I mainly miss the food :): the good freshly baked bread of different sorts, a vast amount of soft cheeses to choose from, etc etc

yes food does make someone feel at home!

Ash said...

I'd miss my favorite Asian food down the street...or my dogs if I'm forced to be without them.