Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blackballing the CDU - It's About Time

Berlin CSD 2013
Berlin Christopher Street Day Parade 2013

I'm happy to say that this year's Gay and Lesbian Pride Month "demonstration" felt more like a demo to me than it has in previous years. Most of the time it feels like an excuse to have a party... and perhaps for many people, it really is. 

But this year was the first that made sense to me. Through my time here in Berlin I've always been surprised to see all of the political parties represented at the gay and lesbian events. Not only during the parade, but also the Parkfest at Friedrichshain, and the Stadtfest at Nollendorfplatz have representatives spread throughout.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy the parties understand the power behind the gay voters. What I've never understood was the presence of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union - read, conservative party). These folks have consistently fought against gay rights... why would they even want to be seen at our events? 

Interestingly enough, shortly before the CSD Parade, the parade organising committee let it be known that the CDU would not be welcome. That's right, finally they stood their ground and effectively un-invited the conservatives who have been fighting without fail against LBGT issues. That will teach them, eh? OK, so maybe it won't open their eyes about equal rights for all humans... but I assume that it sent a message. This is the biggest party of the year, and the gays just blackballed the CDU. 

I have to admit it, I'm proud of the CSD Parade for kicking them out.
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