Friday, December 12, 2014

A majority of republicans back restrictions on carbon pollution, but GOP lawmakers aren't listening

An AP survey finds half of Republicans back restrictions on carbon pollution, even as GOP lawmakers vow to undo environmental regulations they claim harm the economy.

Well DUH. 
That ending should read a little different, "... undo environmental regulations they claim harm THEIR CORPORATE MASTERS".

Individuals who think that Republican politicians have the voter's interest in mind are delusional. 

Sure, the party platform makes a big deal about those scary gays, abortion, religious freedom, pledge of allegiance in schools, and whatever hot topic FOX news and the pollsters say their constituents worry about the most. But in the end the Republican party is all about money, power, and how to get more of both.

When was the last time that the entire Republican party got seriously behind any kind of anti-abortion legislation? No, in reality these folks may talk about Christ, but they have a different master, corporations.

By touting themselves as the "traditional values" party, the GOP have fooled the electorate into following them like the "sheeple" the working class seem to be. Once the election is won, "traditional values" fly out the window in the interest of the almighty Dollar.

Before I get off of my soapbox, I have to say something about the idiot in the Kansas Governor's mansion. Billionaire Koch brothers money just recently bought and paid for a second term of Sam Brownback. 

Brownback was a U.S. senator for 14 years and a 2008 presidential candidate. He pushed through legislation which cut taxes and spending, eliminated state jobs, denied a higher percentage of applications for welfare, while tightening abortion regulations and easing those pesky gun regulations.

He promised that these actions would stimulate economic growth, create jobs and STABILIZE the Kansas budget. But now the state shows a revenue shortfall of more than $300 million. The poverty rate has increased, and the state's economy expanded a total of 2.3 percent over the past two years... less than half the rate of the four surrounding states. On top of all this lovely news, the state's credit rating has been downgraded.

Just yesterday the Governor's office responded with how they intend to deal with the problem... by cutting even more public services and... wait for it... rolling that shortfall into 2015. 

Way to go Gov!

OK, I'm off of that soapbox. 
I will blame waaaay too much coffee and 30 minutes to kill for this abnormally political post. 
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