Thursday, February 25, 2016

You may be right... I may be crazy...

This morning while preparing for work I checked my weather app which showed -1c / 30.2f and just a few puffs of precipitation clouds in the sky. Looked outside and see that overnight we got a little snow, but it was only sticking in the grass and not on the sidewalks/streets.

OK then... good to ride to work. (hate the subway and will do almost ANYTHING to avoid it)
Pack my office clothes in the backpack, suit up in winter bike gear and walk outside. Shit. Small snow flakes are falling all around me. Oh well, it isn't TOOO bad. Besides I'm all suited up. If I go back in and change, I will be late for work.

Check app again. There is no way this will continue. It is a freak snowcloud like the ones we had yesterday; they dropped a few flakes and then stopped. Decision made... press on.

Cautious and slow it goes the first half of my journey, then I start to realize that the flakes are getting bigger and bigger... Hmm. They start to stick to the bike. Cute. I like the look of the white on blue. Of course the windshield is also getting a good coating... um... this could be a problem. I pull to the side and take this photo before clearing the windshield. 

Bruno and I made it to work just fine with no incidents. AND I took one of the cutest photos I've made with him so far. It's gonna be a good day!

What would you have done? Would you have gone back inside, changed clothes and taken alternate transportation? post signature