Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wanna-be Quiche

Why yes, I am eating this directly out of the dish while still
wearing my pajamas and sitting on my balcony,
because... single. 
This morning my alarm went off to a wide-awake and in pain Snookums. Allergies did something to my sinus cavity last evening which swelled into my brain area and exploded into a shitty headache. Hardly any sleep all night... I called in sick to work. No way. 


The fridge is pretty full, and I wanted to be creative. Must-go onion and green pepper started off the party. Early morning thought of a spinach salad in my future reminded me of some frozen spinach which should be used soon. 

Peeking in the freezer brought a little squeal of joy... I have a small packet of Katenschinken (lardon - small cubes of the outer cuts of bacon - slightly smoked - mostly fat)!

Oh, this is shaping up fast!!

Lardon in the skillet, onion follows with a bit of coconut oil to lubricate (soft now, not solid - summer is coming!), green pepper, then the mostly thawed and squished (to get the water out) spinach. 

Salt (light, the lardon has enough), pepper and a little Herbes de Provence (well, it does kind of feel like quiche territory, should mix well). Put the veggies in a small casserole dish. 

Three eggs were mixed and poured over the veggies. 

What is missing? Cheese. Damn. No shredded cheese of any kind. Just one lonely Baby-Bel and some Saint Albrey (soft cheese, like Camembert). Why not? Separated up two portions of the creamy stuff and spread over the top. 

Baked at 240 C for 10 minutes until the top got satisfyingly brown and then rolled it down to 200 and popped a piece of alu foil over the top to stop the brown. 20 minutes more at 200. 

The end result was enough for breakfast and half saved back for lunch. I’ve popped it in the ‘fridge for now, but will give it some time at room temperature before I have lunch. 

Improvement suggestions?
I was thinking a bit of chopped or grated potato would make it more filling if need be. The cheese worked out better than expected and added a creamy feeling and flavor. 

Altogether satisfying!
AND, I’ve managed to dictate all of this text with only minor editing changes. 

Snookums Thrown Together B-fast Wanna-Be Quiche 

50 grams lardon
Small white onion chopped 
Small green pepper chopped
Frozen spinach - big handful
Three eggs
Cheese to cover
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