Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Andrew Olmstead

Major Andrew Olmstead, a US soldier and blogger, was killed in action January 3rd.

Unfortunately I didn't stumble upon his blog before his death, because the 15 or so entries I've read are insightful, thoughtful and delightful. I'm sure I will enjoy the rest of them as much as I have these few.

Here is an excerpt from his final blog entry, (I highly suggest the read) written just in case he didn't make it back home:

"As a soldier, I have a duty to obey the orders of the President of the United States as long as they are Constitutional. I can no more opt out of missions I disagree with than I can ignore laws I think are improper. I do not consider it a violation of my individual rights to have gone to Iraq on orders because I raised my right hand and volunteered to join the army. Whether or not this mission was a good one, my participation in it was an affirmation of something I consider quite necessary to society. So if nothing else, I gave my life for a pretty important principle; I can (if you'll pardon the pun) live with that."

My thoughts are with his family, because even though he died doing what he loved, it still is painful for those he left behind. Let's also not forget his readers, who I am certain will miss him.

It is a fitting final tribute to this patriot that because of his untimely death and the attention it has received, more people will read his blogs with their positive message about the war in Iraq.

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EuroTrippen said...

Wow... how sad. It's hard for me to imagine being somewhere where each thing you do/say may be your last. War is a terrible, terrible thing.