Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mexico City Approves Gay Civil Unions

MEXICO CITY - Mexico City's assembly on Thursday voted for the first time in the country's history to legally recognize gay civil unions, a measure that will provide same-sex couples with benefits similar to those of married couples. The mayor was expected to sign the measure into law.

The bill, which does not approve gay marriage, allows same-sex couples to register their union with civil authorities, granting them inheritance and pension rights, as well as other social benefits. Lawmakers were still finalizing the details.

Heterosexual couples who are not legally married can also be registered under the legislation.

The bill was severely criticized by the Catholic Church and conservative civil groups. It passed by a vote of 43-17, with all the opposition coming from the National Action Party of President Vicente Fox and president-elect Felipe Calderon.

The party is known for its opposition to abortion and its support for traditional families.

Mexico City is a federal district with its own legislature, and the law will apply only to residents of the capital, with a population of 8.7 million. This is the first time any state legislature has approved such a law anywhere in Mexico.

>>> So I wonder if American gays will go to Mexico to get a civil union now?
Talk about a reverse immigration problem!!! :)
Hey America, wake up!
Canada and now Mexico are slowly coming around.
I read yesterday where South Africa has opened up the laws...
America calls itself progressive... progressively stupid in this area if you ask me.

It is alarming that again, as in the US recent elections, the Roman Catholic Church seems compelled to try and dictate secular matters. The world is changing, and however much they fuss and fight over it the Roman Catholic Church's stance is not sustainable, never mind religiously correct.

They were wrong about babies being born with an extra finger being witches, they were wrong about left handed children being possessed, and they are wrong that God somehow makes defective people when he makes a gay person.

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