Friday, January 12, 2007

What Baby Bush Didn't Tell You...

I don't even know how to put all my thoughts together... so let's just do some bullets.

- GW wants the American people to believe that adding a few more soldiers to the fight in Iraq will make it all better... and stop the civil war... wrong. GW wants to keep giving a few more soldiers and a lot more money to the fight so he can wait it out until he is out of office and some other unlucky stiff gets to take the rap for "America's lost war". Reminds me of Johnson.

- 3 previous "surges" have made no difference and haven't stopped the infighting. Similar pledges have been blown apart by an Iraq insurgency a fraction of the size it is today.

- He is asking for more money to be thrown into the den of thieves and bureaucracy in Washington and Baghdad that have already squandered BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars through corruption and mismanagement.

- In the worst type of management style he has lined up another group of generals and said that this team will perform better than the last team... or should I say the last three teams...

- Bush is once again saying that he will push Nouri al-Maliki to take the reins in Iraq, but this isn't really going to go the way he expects it. al-Maliki's government is a puppet organization but not to GW... they move right along with the majority Shia leadership in Tehran. They are just waiting for the U.S. to get the hell out of there so Iran can run Iraq the way they've been wanting to do for decades.

- He didn't even get close to admitting that America is losing the war in Iraq. Actually America isn't really even in the fight in Iraq any more. Now American soldiers spend most of their time just making sure they don't get killed in the sectarian cross-fire in an escalating civil war.

- He has never talked about the fact that the valuable Iraqi middle class (the people who would be instrumental in rebuilding a solid Iraq) have long ago left that country in droves. When they saw the outside fighters coming into the hornets nest, they got out of Dodge. They knew that Bush wouldn't keep them safe, and they picked up and left. Now all that is left of real Iraqis are those that want to fight against each other. The few people that are left are cowering from the daily bombs aimed no longer at American soldiers, but at everyday citizens.

- The "hell that is now Iraq" - quoting Saddam, is going to spill out past the borders into a regional mess.

- Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, and of course Saudi Arabia (our good buddy in the area) have been warning the White House that they are prepared to take up arms to help protect their fellow ethnic Sunnis in Iraq, perhaps by invading the war-torn country themselves.

- Even Turkey, one of America's best allies in the area, is having to squelch a possible Kurdish uprising as Iraqi Kurds are expressing ambitions of making their own state which would unite Kurds in Iraq, Southern Turkey and northern Iran.

- Thank you W for opening that lovely Pandora's Box

- Think about what would happen to the price of oil in the world if the area were to erupt into a real war.

- What would happen to the whole Israeli-Palestinian peace process...?

- To continue this war in Iraq, W must go against the will of Congress, the recommendations of Congress's Iraq Study Group, and don't forget the 70% or so of the American people that do not want such an escalation.

But what the hell should he do now? Just like his Daddy... he didn't pull out in time... Pandora's Box has been opened, the nightmare is reality for the 25 million Iraqi citizens still living in their country.

- Maybe he could use the troops on the ground to patrol the borders of the country to stop the influx of insurgents and to be close enough to do something when the inevitable ethnic cleansing starts.

- Perhaps he could divide the nation along ethnic lines and set up a fund using the country's own oil to give the profits to the people of Iraq. Surely citizens benefiting from the oil profits would be more likely to pinpoint the insurgents that have been busily destroying Iraq's oil infrastructure since the Americans have been stirring the hornet's nest.

- Next he should actually start TALKS with those countries around Iraq... these are the countries that are now turning a blind eye to the insurgents divulging on Iraq. These countries have a lot to lose if the fighting expands into their borders as well. I don't think Condi Rice would be the best "man" for this job though... she's been spouting W's lies too long... it would have to be someone else... heck James Baker seems to be willing to haul his old ass around in hopes of saving lives... what about him? He hasn't been involved in this mess so far, and he might be able to assemble a genuine coalition of countries both in the region and out that would like to see this crappy quagmire stopped.

All of this crap... so that Bush won't go down as the President that lost in Iraq... well, in my book he will.

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