Thursday, March 29, 2007

Am I Homesick?

Yesterday I was in my German class and a sweet Polish woman asked me if I was homesick for America...

Immediately I said, "No". I didn't even think about it… didn't even hesitate. On my way to work this morning I started to mull that over.

Maybe I miss some of the scenery of Kansas, perhaps I miss my favorite old haunts, and I know I miss some of the food… (ya can't get Mexican food here without a huge dose of curry… and that ISN'T Mexican to me!) Of course I miss some of the people; my best buds are still here with me by e-mail, but it isn't the same as just "being" with them.

My family… well, we aren't terribly close anyway, although I love them all dearly. I talk with some of them more now that I've moved than before…

I've hit this country and never really looked back. Of course moving here for love was a big thing, and most certainly could have gone the wrong direction… but it hasn't, and I enjoy being with her even more now than the first day I got here.

The city of Berlin is fabulous. It is one of the most open, cultural, and historical cities in Europe. There is something to say for a rapidly evolving metropolis that has some of the world's most famous festivals, contemporary architecture, and nightlife… although I must admit I don't get to be a part of that nightlife. Maybe I'm safer that way, eh?

My job is lovely. There are much worse jobs in this world… and I know whereof I speak… I've held at least three of them. But I am paid very well to do what is in the end a very simple job.

Slowly I'm getting some friends, although it seems to be a bit harder than in America… the language barrier holds me back a lot I'm sure. But I'm working to eradicate that.

Maybe I'm too much of a "live in the moment" gal. I know that it bothers some people for me to be that way… but wherever I am is where I want to be. No looking back, no time to be homesick.

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