Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Resident on Vonnegut

This is a video made by a woman that calls herself "The Resident". She's actually really cool, and I suggest you view all of her videos, but this one spoke to me.

It's about her take on Vonnegut's newest book, "A Man Without a Country". I haven't managed to read the book yet, but after seeing this video, I ordered it immediately.

In the book he shows that in his late years he could care less what people think of him and no longer thinly veils his disdain for mankind's treatment of Mother Earth. He goes right after Bush's administration who he says are a group of "upper-crust C students who know no history or geography". At the same time he tackles some tough subjects in his own Vonnegut way:
Global warming
How power has corrupted the U.S.
Honor among humans
Addiction to fossil fuel and how that addiction inspires violence
People Pox – and the planet's immune system
The Biggest Truth

I highly suggest the video to start... then consider the book.

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