Wednesday, July 18, 2007

30 Random Ways to a Happier Life

Go read Shane Nickerson's 30 random ways to a happier life.
2. Let go of your need to make all the choices all of the time. Other people have better ones sometimes.

10. Love what you love. Don't trick yourself or others.

13. Stop imagining that people are saying things about you. They're mostly just worried about themselves.

15. Learn to play D&D. If you're already laughing this one off, learn it immediately.

25. Treat yourself to nice underwear. Life is too short.
He's right, you know. Life is too short, and by the time you realize just how true that is, by the time you can really feel what that means, you've usually got a lot of it behind you. Luckily, you also have a lot in front of you.

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